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Good News, Bad News, and Upcoming Tour Schedule

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Scroll down for my early Fall presentation tour schedule!


1. After a lengthy and costly legal battle, Bil'in, home of weekly nonviolent demonstrations for the past 2.5 years, has won an Israeli Supreme Court case to have the Wall (that runs through the village's land) rerouted.

Let us remember, of course, that Bil'in has only "won" what was already theirs, in fact much less than that. Much of the extensive damage wrought by the Wall is permanent, like the uprooting of ancient fruiting olive trees and the destructive razing of the land. In addition, many villages that have won court cases complain that the judgments are not carried out, so it remains to be seen whether or not Israel will change the Wall's path in Bil'in, and by how much.

Nonetheless, it is a reminder to us all that nonviolent resistance is alive and strong in Palestine. We are not powerless in the struggle against injustice, and this has not been the first--nor will it be the last--victory against Israeli apartheid.

2. On a lesser scale, the next piece of good news is that the new revised and updated edition of my book is officially finished and on its way to the US! "Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories" is 400+ pages full-color, with many new maps, stories, and photographs, as well as detailed appendices on Taking Organized Action, Myths & FAQs, and others.

I'll send a more detailed message about the book when it's available, which brings me to the bad news...


Putting out such a comprehensive book has taken months longer than expected, and now US Customs (given the nature of my work) is likely to keep the books held up for weeks at the port (they are en route from Turkey). I have had 620 copies airmailed (much more expensive, but fast) for the first part of my tour, so anyone who needs books urgently can write and I'll send some of those, for as long as they last.

This includes for teachers of related classes this Fall. I already know of several who are using Witness in Palestine as a textbook. With the new maps, heavy documentation, and historical information, it is quite suitable for teachers who would like to use a memoir-style text, so feel free to recommend it to educators who might be interested.

A few hundred early-delivery copies of "Witness in Palestine" should be at half the Barnes & Nobles in the country in the next couple of weeks. Alternatively, people can purchase the book via my website:, in which case the proceeds go directly to Palestine.


Please forward on to anyone who you think might be interested.

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1 Tour, 2 Talks:

"Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos"


"Can a Jewish State be Democratic?"

Sep 9 Boulder, CO First Congregational Church
Sep 9 Denver, CO Regis University, Conference Center
Sep 10 Alamosa, CO Adams State College
Sep 10 Alamosa, CO Adams State College
Sep 21 Kansas City, MO The Pembroke Hill School
Sep 21 Kansas City, MO St James United Methodist Church
Sep 23 Kansas City, MO United Methodist Church
Sep 23 Kansas City, MO Disciples of Christ Church
Sep 23 Lawrence, KS The Solidarity Center
Sep 24 Kansas City, MO William Jewel College
Sep 24 Columbia, MO Missouri United Methodist Church
Sep 26 Blue Springs, MO Lions Club
Sep 28-Oct 4 St Louis, MO TBA
Oct 6 Tucson, AZ Westin La Paloma Resort
*Visit www.justicewheels. org for more information*
Oct 23 Austin, TX Cafe Caffeine
Date TBA Dallas, TX Brookhaven College
Date TBA San Antonio, TX Trinity College
Date TBA San Antonio, TX University of Texas at San Antonio
Date TBA San Antonio, TX Northwest Vista College
Date TBA Denton, TX TBA
Nov 4 Old Lyme, CT First Congregational Church
Nov 11 Cape Cod, MA South Congregational Church
Nov 15-20 N. OHIO & S. MICHIGAN
Nov 18 Cleveland, OH CASE Western University
Nov 25 St Louis, MO TBA

For exact details, contact information, and sponsors, visit:

Anna Baltzer, a Jewish American Columbia graduate, Fulbright scholar, and volunteer with the International Women's Peace Service, is touring the United States with a presentation and book describing her experiences documenting human rights abuses in the West Bank and supporting Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent resistance to the

Anna's main presentation covers checkpoints, settlements, demonstrations, Israeli activism, censorship, the Separation Wall, and more. Providing photographic documentation and critical information often misrepresented or ignored in the Western media, Anna's presentation encourages dialog towards taking informed action. For further information about Anna's work and tour, please visit

NEW!: At certain venues, Anna will be giving her new presentation: "Can a Jewish State be Democratic?" This talk is particularly suitable for activists or audiences that have already seen Anna's main talk.

At all talks, Anna will also be selling and signing copies of her new book: "Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories"

************ Please distribute widely ************

Details on the late Fall tour schedule--featuring co-speaker Hannah Mermelstein ( & TBA at a later date.

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