Sunday, February 25, 2007

Water Hosing in Bil'in (Watch Interview Today!) and Invasion in Nablus

Dear friends,

Sorry for my silence--things have been pretty chaotic. The Army has
just invaded Nablus, declared curfew, and occupied hospitals,
several houses, and all TV stations. Because they've taken control
of media outlets, no news can get out so we're leaving now to try to
get into the city to document the situation as best we can.

Media is still functioning in Ramallah and I just finished an hour-
long live interview on the Palestinian Satellite Channel, along with
Abdallah Abu Rahma from the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil'in, regarding the large demonstration there last Friday.

If you'd like to watch it yourself, it will replay again at 1am
Palestinian Time (Sunday 6pm EST, 3pm PST) on TV and their website:
It's mostly in Arabic, with some translation help for me.

The demonstration in Bil'in included hundreds of internationals
among thousands of protesters, and received a great deal of
publicity. There were photographs of us in several Palestinian
newspapers yesterday, if you're interested:


-Click on Page 1 for a photo of a group of us being hosed while
doing a sit-in. You can't see me because of all the water. (Wasn't
hosing made illegal during the Civil Rights Movement?)
-Click on Page 2 to see us trying to keep a door between the village
and their land open.

(2) There's another article + the photo at:


(1) Several Israeli photographers have posted photos from the
demonstration up at:

(2) The International Solidarity Movement has an article in English
with photos:

I'll write about the demonstration and send more photos and links
when we get back from Nablus.

In struggle,

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